Perlo, Pilau or Perlough Rice

perlow rice

Which ever way you decide to spell it, Pilau rice is a big staple in the low county part of South Carolina; especially in my family’s hometown Lane, South Carolina.

Although you can spell it 101 different ways, to make the dish you only have to do about 3 things: make rice, cook it in stock and spice, then add some meat. Sure that sounds pretty easy, but the skill comes with how you season the stock.


I went to the annual Stag Festival in Lane this past weekend to personally get a plate full of fresh homemade Pilau from the local food vendors. Since Lane is the kind of place where everybody knows everybody, I waited about two hours (they kept selling out of it) for the local caters known as the McKnight’s version of the Pilau dish. Their rice is so moist and flavorful and their vinegar based bbq sauce has won many awards.


things i forgot i ate: Boston


Someone mention to me in class that I should start a food blog. Well since I already have a blog blog why not spill my food adventures here.

I realize that I have a lot of pictures and majority of those pictures are of food. So to not waste the moment, I’m starting a new section on my blog to show off all my old food pictures that I forgot to post. So here’s to “Thing I forgot I ate”!!!

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