I have a thing for blue eyed funky soul (Amy Winehouse, Caroline Smith, Duffy, etc). So when I stumble over a good ol album, I just have to share it with the world. Enjoy Mathien because I am.


Someone mention to me in class that I should start a food blog. Well since I already have a blog blog why not spill my food adventures here.

I realize that I have a lot of pictures and majority of those pictures are of food. So to not waste the moment, I’m starting a new section on my blog to show off all my old food pictures that I forgot to post. So here’s to “Thing I forgot I ate”!!!

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Last month my friend Ari invited me over to her home to experience her good cooking. We gulped down the food to soon to snap a finish product picture but here’s a video of her making it instead. : )


Things Chicago does have : Thai food, snow, a rapid public transportation system. The most important thing Chicago doesn’t have: WAFFLE HOUSE!
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Friend of mine suggested we get ice cream after lunch. I had my mind made up to go to Sonic, but he stopped me and said : “demetria, what about the mall?”

I could of slapped myself on the forehead!

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Got a chance to use an Go Pro to tell a story for a class assignment. Didn’t realize Hula Hoop dancing was a thing!

Me and my classmate SadeĀ  attached a Go Pro on the head of a Hoop Troupe Dance member and produced this little P.O.V video.

Grew up eating mackerel and absolutely love the taste. I share one of my favorite mackerel dishes on my new vlog.


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